What Is Staff Augmentation?

Intellicom Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is quickly becoming a buzzword of post-COVID times. As we transition to a new era of business, many organizations are reassessing their existing teams and looking for areas of improvement and skill gaps. In the dynamic marketplace of our times, though, hiring
new permanent staff is not always the best course of action - that’s where staff augmentation comes to play.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy designed to staff a project in a scalable way. It
involves the integration of skilled professionals into an existing team on a per-need basis. The
hiring process is handled by a staffing firm, which is also in charge of managing benefits and
other HR-related processes.

Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS, you might consider staff augmentation for your

1. Staff augmentation is cost-effective

Augmented workers are highly trained professionals with remarkable expertise in a particular area (tech, developing, consulting, etc.). Whilst onboarding these experts long-term comes with significant costs, staff augmentation allows resources to be allocated quickly and workers to be employed only when needed.

2. Staff augmentation is strategic

In the New Normal, the importance of flexibility has reached a new level. While seasonal spikes
in productivity or customer demand requires more employees, quieter times can be handled by a small group of people. Thanks to staff augmentation, companies will be in control of how many workers are employed at any given time.

3. Staff augmentation increases control

When outsourcing, it is easy for a company to lose visibility into the worker’s performance. Staff
augmentation allows you to establish rapport with your temporary hire and track the progress of a project and the quality of their work, just as they would do a permanent employee.

4. Staff augmentation promotes diversity

Great ideas often come from a diverse environment. In addition to sharing new skills,
on-boarding temporary workers can bring a breath of fresh air and burst of energy to
productivity and company culture. This is backed up by data showing that improving morale
and fostering connection can do wonders for productivity.

5. Staff augmentation bridges temporary hiring gaps

Skilled professionals are in high demand, meaning it is not always easy to onboard
someone new at the drop of a hat. Staff augmentation firms can provide companies with the perfect worker until a long-term hire is found. This is particularly helpful when an enterprise
is undergoing a transformation or expansion.

The world of workplaces is bracing itself for yet another eventful era. Thankfully, resources
like staff augmentation are available to help companies best deal with the unpredictability of
contemporary business.

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