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Comprehensive Enterprise Security Services Protect Against Unknown Threats

Intellicom Enterprise Security services will identify and remediate every vulnerable point among your networks, devices, software, and users. Our in-house and augmented staff members are some of the best, most incisive, and experienced security professionals in the world.

Securing your servers, networks, and data is no longer a one-time event; hacker practices are evolving fast. Unfortunately, today most organizations are depending on personal-level security protection. Intellicom can quickly assess your security gaps and then plan and implement a multi-faceted enterprise-level security program.

In addition to custom services, we also offer packaged security services including:

Device/End-user Security Optimization

Device security is paramount for the successful operation of organization. Security risks in the form of ransomware hacks and PHI are more common. By quantifying device behavior and application requirements, you will have baselines and security segmentation roles for each device. This service package includes a segmentation plan that drives Policy-based Access / NAC rules.

Most IT teams have security expertise in-house however, identifying, measuring, and updating every device on your network regularly is a massive undertaking. Intellicom device security services fill your resource gaps.

We can also help you design and deploy secure IoT programs whose scale, resource requirements, and vertical expertise may be prohibitive for in-house IT teams.

Policy-based Access or Network Access Control (NAC)

Each device type on your wireless network must have clear access policies. Once policies are established properly, they should then be applied to network segmentation and device and application identification. Your policy must be developed with a clear understanding of the strategic business drivers for the end-user requirements and functionality.

Intellicom quantifies prominent use cases, user types, and requirements that are crucial for a successful NAC deployment. Depending on the breadth and depth of the device function, these policies can become very complex.

Most organizations will need at least some level of customization per device, but rarely have the time and resources to do it. Intellicom has worked with thousands of devices in hundreds of different environments. We can identify, design, adapt, and remediate policy-based access for even the most complex use cases.

AAA Design & Remediation

No other company knows the ecosystem of clinical devices, security, clinical workflows, regulation, and other technology better than Intellicom. We offer expert AAA design (authentication, authorization, and accounting) and remediation services.

We can help you devise a strategy that will ensure that every device and user have all the access and only the access that they need. Working within your existing access control system, we can help you fix and streamline your current processes.

If your current AAA architecture is outdated or has never been implemented to its full capability, then let us enable your organization to adapt to modern security practices and increased medical device, IoT, and end-user device growth.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Every organization should maintain digital certificates for wireless authentication. It is a fundamental part of your security system. We often find that if a PKI exists within an organization it is rarely updated, usually under-architected, and not enabled for the scale needed to deploy and manage digital certificates on every wireless device in your organization. What is more, under-architected PKI systems leave you vulnerable to unwanted system access, attack, and even severe risk to reliability.

Intellicom designs, engineers, and tests PKI for maximum security and scalable deployments. We can optimize your authentication and encryption, and build your architecture to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates.

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