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Wireless Engineering and Mobility Services Maximize Your Technology Investment

Intellicom provides end-to-end wireless and mobility services. No matter what stage your program, from infancy to nearing equipment end-of-life, we can help you improve the reliability and performance of your entire network and users.

Our list of wireless services is designed to support each stage of your lifecycle. Click the links below for a description of the service.

RF Infrastructure Design

This service package is the foundational component to every wireless network. The services performed in this phase scientifically determine each wireless access point (AP) location to ensure maximum reliability. Intellicom has industry leading practices for designing radio frequency designs.

Network Architecture & Design

This end-to-end process begins with identifying business problem(s) and subsequently the business requirements and functionality that must follow. We ensure alignment with business objectives by engaging key stakeholders across the organization.

This package includes the development of your master plan and multi-year mobility roadmap in the form of a High-Level Design (HLD).

Infrastructure Engineering: Software & Configuration

Wireless networks have thousands of potential points of failure. Bugs in hardware and software can be triggered by even small decisions or changes to the network, client devices, security architecture, and more.

With the guidance of an HLD, the critical work of engineering and implementing a wireless network can be completed optimally. This process requires a deep background with infrastructure vendor equipment, client device vendor equipment, and of course, in-depth knowledge of IEEE 802.11 wireless protocols.

The Infrastructure Engineering service digs deep into your network to thoughtfully determine software versions and configuration details for infrastructure, devices, and security. We develop our engineering recommendations in accordance with our Network Architecture & Design phase or we can work with your existing high-level design.

Expert Remediation

Today, many organizations are struggling with an unstable wireless infrastructure. Intellicom’s Expert Remediation services leave no stone unturned in identifying actual and potential points of failure. Let us help you with your existing wireless implementations to root out the bugs and processes that caused reliability and performance problems.

We have never found a problem that we could not solve.

Large Device Rollouts

Launching many devices simultaneously requires careful planning and preparation. This service is an essential insurance policy for large investments and device roll outs.

Intellicom will reduce your exposure and potential points of failure with an assessment and recommendations, including:

  • Use case and feature validation

  • Security assessment and implementation

  • Reliability, security, and performance testing

  • Optimization of network infrastructure (if necessary) to ensure maximum reliability and performance

  • Maintenance plan recommendations to ensure that processes and guidance are established to maintain reliability

We can also help by managing the IT-to-business role and equipment vendor collaboration with your internal teams.

When large device rollouts are poorly handled, the organization will waste money and time. This service lowers your implementation costs while ensuring critical security measures are taken. And it will lessen the burden on IT staff so they can remain focused on the core business.

End-User Device Standardization

Intellicom has worked with hundreds of mobile devices and can solve any technical challenge, no matter how elusive.

Many customers select this service in conjunction with our Large Device Roll-out. While our Large Device Rollouts package has a strategic, organizational focus, the End-user Device Standardization package involves infrastructure and security engineering.

Our Device Standardization services include:

  • SME review of your infrastructure and security design and configuration.

  • Development plan for the best course of action to maximize reliability and security.

  • Software/firmware testing and selection.

  • Testing of intended device use cases and determining optimal device and infrastructure configurations.

  • Deep analysis of wireless protocol behavior to inspect for performance and compatibility anomalies.

  • Creation of a simplified maintenance strategy (MDM/vendor proprietary/other methods).

  • Review and optimization of existing processes and staff.

Expert Device Remediation

Your organizations may have hundreds of different wireless devices sharing information; each one with its own unique operating system, configuration, and drivers – all of which require regular updates. It is a level of complexity that few IT teams have the bandwidth to manage.

Intellicom’s Expert Device Remediation services can transform your organization from reactive – wasting precious staff time fixing bugs – to proactive with a plan and process for optimal device maintenance. Your devices can and will work properly in myriad environments.

Mobile Device & Enterprise Mobility Management

Your devices must be secure to ensure the integrity of business information. The Intellicom team can help define standards for smartphones and other cellular/wireless devices like tablets, laptops, wearable computing devices, and more. When this service is complete, the data on your devices, no matter the source (including data in the cloud), will be securely stored and safe from unwanted exposure.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management service includes Mobile Device Management plus examination of mobile IT work processes and objectives across the enterprise. It is an in-depth look at the organization’s people, processes, and technology. The final deliverable includes a comprehensive support strategy for clinicians using mobile devices in the workplace.

Device/End-user Security Optimization

Device security is paramount for the successful operation of organization. Security risks in the form of ransomware hacks and PHI are more common. By quantifying device behavior and application requirements, you will have baselines and security segmentation roles for each device. This service package includes a segmentation plan that drives Policy-based Access / NAC rules.

Most IT teams have security expertise in-house however, identifying, measuring, and updating every device on your network regularly is a massive undertaking. Intellicom device security services fill your resource gaps.

We can also help you design and deploy secure IoT programs whose scale, resource requirements, and vertical expertise may be prohibitive for in-house IT teams.

Smartphone Readiness Assessment

The Intellicom team are experts in the deployment of smartphones for wireless communications. Because smartphones are now so pivotal for myriad information management processes, persistent issues with reliability present significant risk to operations. These performance issues can cost your organization millions of dollars of wasted investment and can impede project success.

Our Smartphone Readiness Assessment includes a gap analysis, including specific recommendations to maximize reliability and performance. This program can be completed in just a few days and provides rich information on the operation and security of your smartphones in any environment.

AAA Design & Remediation

No other company knows the ecosystem of clinical devices, security, enterprise workflows, regulation, and other technology better than Intellicom. We offer expert AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) design and remediation services.

We can help you devise a strategy that will ensure that every device and user have all the access and only the access that they need. Working within your existing access control system, we can help you fix and streamline your current processes.

If your current AAA architecture is outdated or has never been implemented to its full capability, then let us enable your organization to adapt to modern security practices and increased medical device, IoT, and end-user device growth.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Every organization should maintain digital certificates for wireless authentication. It is a fundamental part of your security system. We often find that if a PKI exists within an organization it is rarely updated, usually under-architected, and not enabled for the scale needed to deploy and manage digital certificates on every wireless device in your organization. What is more, under-architected PKI systems leave you vulnerable to unwanted system access, attack, and even severe risk to reliability.

Intellicom designs, engineers, and tests PKI for maximum security and scalable deployments. We can optimize your authentication and encryption, and build your architecture to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates.

Policy-based Access or Network Access Control (NAC)

Each device type on your wireless network must have clear access policies. Once policies are established properly, they should then be applied to network segmentation and device and application identification. Your policy must be developed with a clear understanding of the strategic business drivers for the end-user requirements and functionality.

Intellicom quantifies prominent use cases, user types, and requirements that are crucial for a successful NAC deployment. Depending on the breadth and depth of the device function, these policies can become very complex.

Most organizations will need at least some level of customization per device, but rarely have the time and resources to do it. Intellicom has worked with thousands of devices in hundreds of different environments. We can identify, design, adapt, and remediate policy-based access for even the most complex use cases.

Mobility Scorecard

The Intellicom Mobility Scorecard provides a CIO-level view of your wireless maturity. It measures, benchmarks, and documents areas of strength and weakness in design, technology, operations, processes, maintenance, and more, and includes recommended remediation to improve alignment.

Begin your engagement with Intellicom with a Mobility Scorecard. With this process, we can help improve the effectiveness of current and future mobility initiatives and put you on the path to leveraging technology to improve clinical outcomes.

Wireless Communications Planning & Consulting

The Intellicom Wireless Communications service is a comprehensive solution for mapping wireless connectivity to business goals.

A high-functioning wireless network with reliable devices are the backbone of your digital strategy. Let us help you create the plan for your wireless communications rollout by identifying your organization’s requirements and forming actionable execution plan.

This service is ideally completed early in the planning process so that it can be leveraged for making vendor selections.

Real-time Location Services (RTLS)

Most organizations have hundreds of mobile assets and wireless devices moving around the organization. The inability to locate the correct equipment at the right time delays patient service and can even impact treatment outcomes.

Without RTLS, your company will face increasing rental expenses and other costs associated with under-used equipment. Investing in an RTLS solution attacks the rental problem with direct, tangible ROI that can be measured monthly.

Intellicom can help you implement real-time location services for every device and put a stop to the endless search for equipment.

Vendor Selection Scorecard

The product vendor selection process is often wrought with uncertainty. Companies need a more scientific, wholistic approach. Unfortunately, no one vendor has a 360-degree understanding of your organization and that leaves healthcare IT professionals in a tough spot.

Our Vendor Selection Scorecard eliminates the guesswork from the process. We know how political vendor selection processes can be and we can drastically reduce this problem.

Make your selections with confidence using an objective, quantitative analysis based on your unique configuration and business goals.

Business Case Development

Our Business Case Development service provides strategy and roadmap planning to identify your unique challenges. It includes research of existing processes, development of objectives and business outcomes, determination of key requirements, and modeling outcomes. Services include, but are not limited to, proofs of concept, identifying phases and milestones, staffing, and alignment to key business requirements. We can also help you identify and model all the recurring and non-recurring costs.

Organizational Change Management for IT

As organizations change and grow, leadership must consider how best to use all the assets at their disposal, including staff. Projects and processes that once made sense, may no longer be optimal as patient service needs change. Technologies become outdated and IT professionals are constantly re-skilling.

Intellicom can provide independent, objective advice on how to best apply your most valuable assets – your team. A thoughtful process for organizational change management will help you prepare for evolving business needs and the opportunities that new technologies provide for better patient service.

Why Intellicom?

Our comprehensive wireless engineering services are delivered by experts that also have deep experience in wireless communication. Each service may be purchased individually or as a custom package that maps to the needs of your organization.

Our customers report that working with Intellicom has given them control over their wireless investments. With reduced production issues that impact operational workflows and sap their IT teams. They report that after working with Intellicom, employees are more productive with increased uptime and reliability of their network. CIOs can now make decisions about growth and investments with confidence, based on actual network configuration and data.

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